Working solution

Best solutions come from experience

We want to offer you the best possible solution. Such solution may already exist or there might be one very near the perfect solution. If we can't find you a ready-made solution, we will make you one which looks like you and is just for you.

Part of our solution is our process and way of working, which is looking for constant improvement of productivity and quality. We have implemented such process also in environments of our customers.

Our services are based on experienced professionals who master tools, technologies and content. Experience turns to methods and best practises, which occasionally can take shape of a product. Jowe is an example of a product built on experience.


Do you want to create your budget in your profit and loss statement where you can instantly see effect of each change in your profit and simulate you finance? Or collect rolling sales forecast from your salesmen and resellers? Or receive report of your team invoicing from the previous week automatically to your mailbox before the Monday morning meeting?

All this has been implemented using Jowe and Excel reports. Excel transforms reports to active tools with all the features like formulas, charts, filters, pivots, macros etc. Jowe can automate reporting and also load reports back to the system you are reporting from. Bidirectional Jowe can be the connecting link between users and systems.

Some Jowe users are presented in our customes page.

Could Jowe be part of your solution?


Technologies are part of our core competence

The world of IT is full of odd terms and acronyms. We want to save you from all that complexity and let you focus on your business. We will follow the IT development and bring the best and matured fruits of the development for your benefit.

With our experience we can manage a wide range of technologies, tools and environments - and put meaning to all of this. We are happy to open technical details through CVs of your specialists.