Joinex – at your service

Service is our product

We provide IT services to support you in your business. Our specialists assist, design and implement solutions that enable you to operate more efficiently, more productively or to open entirely new opportunities.

Our services are adapted to each and every customer. We want to operate openly and transparently - you can always follow our activities according to your interest.

We follow intensively fast progress of the IT world and develop ourselves too. Thus we can promise you up-to-date and best possible support for your business.


Shared joy is a doubled joy

All our experience and knowledge is for you to use. We believe in openness: eventually shared knowledge and experience will benefit everyone. We promote openness among our partners and we also contribute back to open source projects as we use their products in our business.

For Ministy of Employment and the Economy in Finland we have been working on software delivery processes and implementing it among several vendors of the ministry.


Implementing is part of the planning

We strive for clean, usable and maintainable solutions to give you the best possible benefit. Simultaneous design and implementation in tight interaction ensures that your feedback is driving the development firmly to the right direction and results.

In development we invest not just on personal skills but also methodologies like modelling and generating software automatically. We are driving to improve productivity together with the quality. It is better to build the quality to the product in the development phase than later in the testing phase.

An example of our development work is SivariWeb, a system to manage non-military service in Finland.


Let's make more together

Our expertise services are provided in the most convenient package for you. Sometimes the best way is to work as a resource in a customer project, in customer premises. We have special knowledge and experience on large projects where our commitment has lasted for years.

Insta DefSec is one of our customers, with whom we have been building a bigger project for a while now.