About Joinex

Joinex was established in 1990 and has been actively operating from the day one. We are also investing to some other companies, where our role is mostly a technology partner.

Our mission is to provide high quality and specialised services with supporting products and methods to manage information technology. The basis of our services is educated and experienced personnel. Education lays down the foundation but only work refines education to skills. Different projects develop our skills and occasionally we test the technology and our boundaries in some hobby projects. Some of the fresh knowledge and skills are achieved via research.

Eventually all information is based on experience. Experience comes with the years but as important as the time, is eagerness to gain new experiences!


Joinex is a company of IT professionals - interesting, challenging and versatile place to work. We appreciate our personnel and their skills; we maintain our skills and motivation through training and many-sided work assignments.

If you feel you could work in an organisation, where you can have an impact and give your own, strong signature, please send an informal application and tell about yourself with your CV .

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Joinex Oy Pyhäjärvenkatu 5B

web: www.joinex.com

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